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Recommended ! 5 Best Korean Action Movies from Cinemax Info

Most people who are new to Korean films, when asked what is a good Korean film, the answer is always the movie "Old Boy", Train To Busan "or the latest Parasite. 

It's not completely wrong, but come on, Korean films have a lot of good stuff and really worth watching. Korean films always present a perspective on life that is very relevant to human life. 

List of 5 Best Korean Action Films 

1. The Brotherhood Of War / Taegukgi (2004) 

This old movie with a war background between the two Koreas is filled with exciting scenes, full of tense action as well as tear-draining family dramas. 

This film was directed by Kang Je Gyu and stars 2 top Korean actors Jang Dong-Gun and Won Bin who play their brothers. 

Synopsis of The Brotherhood Of War 

Lee Jin Tae (Jang Dong-Gun) and Lee Jin Seok (Won Bin) live happily with their mother despite living in poverty. 

Lee Jin Tae works as a shoeshine worker to support his family and send Jin Seok to school, but their peace is disturbed when the Korean war breaks out. 

Lee Jin Seok was suddenly forcibly recruited to serve as student soldiers on the front lines. Lee Jin Tae, who is worried, forces him to join forces to protect his younger brother. 

But the conditions of war and the aftermath of bad events befell these two brothers and separate them into two opposite camps. 

2. Confession Of Murder (2012) 

This crime-action genre film is directed by Jung Byung Gil and stars Park Si Ho as Lee Do Suk, Jung Jae Young as detective Choi Hyung Goo and Jung Hae Kyun as Jay. 

This movie is really fun and has a very brilliant plot. The plot twist that is presented is really hard to guess. Exciting, thrilling, and astonishing. 

Synopsis of Confession Of Murder 

A person named Lee Do Suk suddenly appears to the public and claims to be the perpetrator of the serial murder that occurred 17 years ago. 

He confessed his actions by releasing a book entitled "Confession Of Murder" The book became a best seller and he had many fans all over the country. Detective Choi Hyung Goo who used to be in charge of the case became very upset. 

3.The Admiral Roaring Currents (2014) 

This war, historical, and action genre film has indeed become the best-selling Korean film in history. The Admiral Roaring Currents grossed $ 127,289,090 and a total audience of 17,615,152 people. 

The film was directed by Kim Han Min and stars Choi Min Sik who plays Admiral Yi Sun-Shin and Ryu Seung Ryong as Kurushima Michifusa. 

Synopsis The Admiral Roaring Currents 

This film is set in the background of Japanese expansion into Korean soil. Admiral Yi Sun-Shin was punished by the royal authorities for being considered a Japanese spy. 

After leaving prison, at an age that was no longer young and sickly, he continued to serve the country by forming his own army to protect the kingdom from Japanese attacks.

When he reported to the kingdom about the threat of Japanese soldiers attacking by sea, he was ignored. And his request to increase troops was ignored. 

Many of the troops he formed betrayed and fled. Admiral Yi did not want to give up, he still adhered to his plan which was considered crazy, to dispel the Japanese army led by Kurushima. 

4. Confidential Assignment (2017) 

This one action film directed by Kim Sung Hoon and starring top Korean artists, including Hyun Bin, Yu Hae Jin, Yoona SNSD, Kim Ji Hyuk, and Lee Yi Kyung

Synopsis of Confidential Assignment 

Im Chul Ryeong (Hyun Bin) is a North Korean soldier assigned to track down his comrades who have stolen fake currency plates and smuggled them into South Korea. 

Through this secret mission, he had to cooperate with South Korean police named Kang Jin Tae (Yu Hae Jin). He also has to live with his family. 

Cooperating with enemy nations is awkward and fraught with prejudice. They intercept and spy on each other. 

5. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds (2018) 

This action fantasy genre film managed to book a profit of $ 104,320,471 with an audience of 13,857,692 people. 

The film was directed by Kim Yong Hwa and stars Cha Tae Hyun as Kim Ja Hong, Ha Jung Woo as Gang Rim, Ju Ji Hoon as Haewonmak, and Kim Hyang Gi as Duk Chun. 

Synopsis Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds 

A firefighter who was known to be kind and hardworking, died while on duty. 3 angels approached him and took him to the afterlife.

In front of the gates of the afterlife justice, he is declared a noble spirit, but the 7 levels of justice in the hereafter will reveal the truth of his identity.

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